Middle School Web Programming

Taught a year of middle school computer web design. The class was available to 6-8th grade students and comprised of roughly 10 students.

Class description: This course will cover the fundamentals of computer programming with an emphasis on building and designing web sites. Students will learn the tools required to be a computer programmer and how careers in computer software work.

Each kid was able to program and entire website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by the end of the course. Due to the COVID pandemic, this course finished completely online which exposed the students to the concept of online communication tools such as Teams and Zoom.

Topics covered:
  • Programming
    • Fundamentals of how computers works
    • Computer logic
    • Computer hardware
    • Industry tools
  • HTML
    • Basis of XML and HTML language
    • Building blocks of a web page
  • CSS
    • Basic graphic design concepts
    • Page components vs graphic layout
    • Style sheets
    • Frameworks (i.e. Bootstrap)
  • JavaScript
    • History of language
    • Simple hello world scripts
    • Frameworks (i.e. JQuery)
  • Project - Build a web site
Items used: