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Developed Applications

Applications I have developed and published.

Find A Tasting

Mobile application to find the best wine tasting that suits you and others.

3 Spotz

Point of Sale applications for customers and business...

Site Travelers

Find local sites and attractions. Record your trips and share with others...

Pocket Coach

A tool to help young players learn the skills of softball or baseball...

Skill Highlights

Summary of skills necessary to take your business to the next level.

  • Team Management
  • Communication
  • Business Analysis
  • Large Scale Architecture
  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • Product Build Infrastructure
  • Continuous Integration
  • Unit ⁄ Integration Testing
  • .NET
  • C ⁄ C++
  • Java
  • Mono ⁄ Xamarin
  • iOS ⁄ Android
  • Web Development
  • Source Control (All)
  • All major IDEs
  • MSBuild, Jenkins
  • VMWare ⁄ Hyper-V
  • Networking Tools
  • Cloud Deployment Tools
  • MS Office Suite
  •   Project Management
    Highly organized at managing time lines, resources, and teams to deliver large projects on or ahead of time. Versed In setting up and establishing software lifecycle practices to ensure efficient throughput with resources.
  •   Business Analysis
    Able to use competitive market analysis to understand market penetration and viability. Developed business plans with projections, profit and loss statements, and break-even analysis.
  •   Web Development
    Experience in building multitude of web-based applications using ASP.NET, Java, PHP, Angular, and others. Designed single page and multi-page applications based on business needs and need of application.
  •   Test Driven Development
    Introduced companies to test driven development, unit and integration testing. Proficient with various unit test frameworks, nUnit, xUnit, MSTes, jUnit. Setup QA departments with TFS Test Manager to manage test cases and test suites.
  •   Enterprise Build
    Extensive experience in multiple build types from automated environment builds ranging from development to production to complex multi-language compilation to produce packaged or cloud deployment deliverables.
  •   Software Lifecycle
    Experience setting up, training, and maintaining agile/scrum processes. Setup entire TFS systems and modifying templates to meet business needs. Established ground work for running scrum teams, standups, poker planning, and burn down usage.


Community engagement and volunteer activities.

Web Dev Teaching

Taught web development class focused web programming and internet networking (2020)

Engineer Teaching

Taught computer engineer class focused on electronics and Arduino microcontroller (2019)

Math Superbowl

Taught and trained gifted math students to compete in large math competitions (2011-2018). Consistently placed first in build competitions 2011-2018)

Softball Coaching

Head coach and team manager for youth softball. Majority of players trained became All-Star and first year Varsity (2008-2016)

Baseball Coaching

Head coach and team manager for youth baseball. Instilled the passion of baseball from players to parents (2014-2017)

Basketball Coaching

Basketball coach at YMCA for and middle school (2014-2019)

My Hobbies

Things I like to do in my spare time


Cycling from touring to racing. Anything on the open road on two wheels.


Car racing, turning wrenches, and rebuilding cars.


Creatively discovering new or improving old ideas. Market analysis and starting a business from scratch.

Brewing Beer

Enjoying the test of chemistry at it's finest.

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