1961 VW Bug

My all time favorite car would be a 356 Porsche speedster with a carrera engine, a pinnacle of engineering. The next best option and manageable price is an air-cooled VW. Bugs and vans have always been a classic and easy to work on.

Using The Samba, a site dedicated to air-cooled VWs, I was able to pick up an excellent 1961 VW bug. A project car none the less, it is was something I looked forward to.

After getting the car home, here are the things I knew I wanted to do over time:

  • Sound system
  • Rebuild the engine
  • Lower the suspension
  • Install carpet
  • Redo headliner
  • Gas gauge and other gauges
  • Rebuild the transmission
  • Redo the fuse box wiring

Lowered VW bug

Replacing the headliner

Dashboard view while replacing headliner

Headliner requires taking all the windows out

Dropping the transmission to be rebuilt

Transmission out and ready to take to the shop