Brewing Beer

Which came first beer or wine? The age old question that dates back 1000s of years. Whichever came first, one has to admit the process is pretty simple and makes you wonder, how did someone stumble on this?

Very First Brew

My first beer I did with a couple of good buddies of mine, veteran beer brewers and drinkers. You can't beat some of the equipment bundles you can get. I got this stuff from Northwest Brewing Co. The best items are the plastic carboy with spout and wort chiller with kettle. The beet kit I wouldn't write home about, it was OK not like getting fresh grains and yeast.

Duvel - First Solo Beer

The Duvel is a full body ale, a little sweeter and great for the winter time. It requires a lot of different grains. The folks at Valley Brewers in Solvang are amazing, they have everything from A-Z and always have the freshest product.
Here I'm using a dry malt extract (DME). The steeping smelt so good on this batch, likely due to all the fresh grains used.