Why is this a hobby for me? 48 and haven't 'played games since 16. So what changed? My son introduced me to Fortnite back in 2018 and I couldn't see the attraction of this game. Then around July 2020 I tried again, and after seeing how bad I was and how the game was supposed to be played, I was hooked. For me, it is like a massive game of chess mixed with 3rd person shooter gaming.

Chapter 2 Season 8 Finale

The Queen Awakens

The Queen for Chapter 2 Season 8 is the destroyer of all things. Here she is coming to life and bringing her army with her.

The Battle Begins

There were swarms of alien ships and caretakers. You were given a gold AR and gold revolver and weapons plus full health and shield. It was fun to pluck the caretakers who are huge compared to you.

The Rock Leads You Out

The Rock Dwayne Johnston has been in many comical movies and this was another classic Rock moment. He leads you into the heart of the island to see how the new season is 'turning'.